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6 Mindset Shifts That Can Strengthen Your Support for Black Owned Businesses

By: Phillip W. Dunn

Supporting Black Owned Businesses is as much about mindset as it is about making purchases. Here’s expert advice from Phillip W. Dunn, Founder of the Black Business Focus Group, for adopting the right mindset for sustained support. After you read the article don't forget to log your transactions with Black Owned Businesses at Black Business Focus Group.

We often associate supporting Black Owned Businesses with the challenges our community faces — the underrepresentation of these businesses, the struggles they face due to underfunding, and the lack of mainstream support. These negative circumstances are not always enough for us to actively support Black Owned Businesses, but adopting a positive mindset supported by a deep meaning can make a significant difference.

“Mindset plays a crucial role in supporting Black Owned Businesses. A positive mindset can be a powerful motivator for sustained support,” says Phillip W. Dunn, Founder of Black Business Focus Group. Shifting your attitude is all about acknowledging the challenges, celebrating the strengths, and having a clear sense of your “why” to keep you committed.

Here, Phillip W. Dunn shares six mindset shifts that can make your support for Black Owned Businesses more meaningful and impactful.

1. Clarify Your Motivation to Support Black Owned Businesses

Beyond the societal need for diversity, inclusion and equity, why do you want to actively support Black Owned Businesses? “Having a strong "why" is crucial for the long-term success of supporting Black Owned Businesses,” says Dunn.

When supporting Black Owned Businesses, it’s essential to understand the motivation behind your actions. Focusing on the empowerment and economic growth of the Black community, given our journey, creates a more meaningful and impactful connection. Instead of merely making a purchase, consider the broader impact on the community. Focus on creating the conditions that might make it easier for future generations to succeed. And, never forget the obligation to our ancestors.

Take some time to think through your why, log your transactions, and remind yourself of it when making choices about where to spend your money.

2. Practice Compassion in Your Support Journey

Supporting Black Owned Businesses might come with challenges, but practicing compassion is crucial. Acknowledge the hurdles these businesses face, and be supportive rather than judgmental. “It's been said that we can be our own worst enemy. So we need to be compassionate, recognizing the challenges faced by Black Owned Businesses and Black Entrepreneurs, like lack of access to capital and exposure to opportunities” says Dunn.

Even when well-intended, judgmental thoughts can hinder the progress. Practicing self-compassion involves treating Black Owned Businesses with the support and encouragement they need. Foster a positive attitude by appreciating the efforts and progress, even when setbacks occur. Consider expressing your support through positive reviews, recommendations, or by sharing their stories. Don't forget to log your transactions and leave those reviews and recommendations with Black Owned Businesses at Black Business Focus Group.

3. Take Time to Support Mindfully

Actively supporting Black Owned Businesses goes beyond making purchases; it involves mindful engagement. “Today, it’s crucial to be intentional about our choices and not just support Black Owned Businesses as a trend,” says Dunn. In recent years we've seen support for Black Owned Businesses rise after tragedy or outright disrespect from the mainstream. However, we need to show our support on a more consistent basis. Take the time to research, understand, and engage with Black Owned Businesses authentically and consistently. Stay disciplined in your support even when the motivation begins to wane.

4. Set Realistic Support Goals

When it comes to supporting Black Owned Businesses, set realistic and actionable goals. In addition to focusing on the number of businesses you support,(Dunn recommends 5 Black Owned Businesses a month) focus on actions within your control. For instance, actively seek out Black Owned Businesses to support, share their stories on social media, then recommend them to friends & family and log your transactions with The BBFG. “All these goals are action-oriented, making them a better measure of your impact,” says Dunn. Celebrate the milestones in your support journey to stay motivated.

5. Adopt a “Growth Mindset” About Supporting Black Owned Businesses

Recognize that the journey of supporting Black Owned Businesses might have setbacks. Instead of expecting perfection, adopt a growth mindset. “Embracing a growth mindset means believing in your ability to learn. adapt and provide constructive feedback to Black Owned Businesses.” says Dunn. Challenges become opportunities for growth, and setbacks are viewed as temporary. Understand that consistent support and feedback, even through small actions, contributes to the long-term success of Black Owned Businesses.

6. Focus on Building Long-Term Habits of Support

Supporting Black Owned Businesses is not a short-term trend; it’s about establishing habits that create lasting change. “Successful support of Black Owned Business is a marathon, not a sprint. You are working to establish habits that you can sustain over the long haul so they can build practices to sustain them for generations,” says Dunn. Make a commitment to consistently support Black Owned Businesses, integrate it into your lifestyle, and advocate for their sustained success.

Give yourself grace, acknowledge the challenges faced by Black Owned Businesses, and remember that sustained support is a journey that requires commitment, perseverance and a positive mindset.

It's our time!


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