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BBFG Quick Poll: Preserving and Promoting Black American Culture

At The Black Business Focus Group (The BBFG), we recently conducted a quick poll to understand which aspects of Black American culture our community feels are most important to preserve and promote. The question was: Which aspect of Black American culture do you feel is most important to preserve and promote within the community? 

The responses have provided valuable insights into the cultural priorities of our members.

Here are the early results:

  • Historical Heritage & Achievements: 26%

  • Music & Arts: 23%

  • Literature & Storytelling: 12%

  • Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation: 12%

  • Community & Family Values: 11%

  • Cuisine & Culinary Traditions: 9%

  • Spirituality & Religion: 3%

  • Fashion & Style: 2%

  • Language & Dialect: 1%

  • Visual Arts: 1%

Key Insights from the Poll Results

1. Emphasis on Historical Heritage and Achievements

The highest percentage of respondents (26%) highlighted Historical Heritage & Achievements as the most important aspect to preserve and promote. This indicates a strong desire within the community to honor and remember the significant contributions and milestones of Black Americans.  According to BBFG Member & Tax Expert George Dandridge, " the U.S. education is more indoctrination than anything. Teaching unconscious inferiority while suppressing greatness is damaging." This underscores the importance of educating future generations about the struggles and triumphs that have shaped the present.

2. Valuing Music and Arts

With 23% of the votes, Music & Arts is another top priority. This reflects the integral role that music, dance, and other art forms play in Black American culture. From jazz and blues to hip-hop and modern art, these cultural expressions are not only sources of pride but also powerful means of storytelling and resistance.

3. The Importance of Literature and Storytelling

Literature & Storytelling received 12% of the votes, tying with Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation. This points to the community's appreciation for the written and spoken word in preserving history, imparting wisdom, and fostering a sense of identity. Celebrating Black authors like Ta-Nehisi Coates, poets, and storytellers is seen as crucial in maintaining cultural continuity.

4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tied with literature, Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation also garnered 12% of the votes. This highlights the community's focus on economic empowerment and the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses. Innovation and entrepreneurial success are viewed as key to achieving financial independence and fostering community development.

5. Community and Family Values

With 11% of respondents prioritizing Community & Family Values, it’s clear that maintaining strong familial bonds and community support systems is vital. These values are foundational to many aspects of Black American life, providing resilience and a sense of belonging.

6. Other Aspects

While aspects such as Cuisine & Culinary Traditions (9%), Spirituality & Religion (3%), Fashion & Style (2%), Language & Dialect (1%), and Visual Arts (1%) received fewer votes, they remain important components of Black American culture. Each of these elements contributes uniquely to the rich tapestry of cultural identity and deserves recognition and promotion.

Moving Forward: Fostering Cultural Preservation and Promotion

The BBFG is committed to supporting initiatives that preserve and promote these essential aspects of Black American culture. Based on these poll results, we plan to:

  • Organize Events and Workshops: Focused on historical education, music, arts, and storytelling to engage the community and celebrate our heritage.

  • Support Black-owned Businesses: By providing resources, networking opportunities, and platforms to showcase entrepreneurial success.

  • Promote Family and Community Values: Through programs that strengthen family bonds and community ties.


The early results of our poll reflect a community deeply invested in honoring its history, celebrating its cultural expressions, and fostering economic empowerment. At The BBFG, we are inspired by this feedback and remain dedicated to supporting the preservation and promotion of Black American culture in all its facets. Together, we can ensure that our rich cultural heritage continues to thrive for generations to come.

It's our time!


Phillip W. Dunn, Founder

Black Business Focus Group

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