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BBFG Recent Accomplishments Week Ending April 11th, 2021

Shout out to the Women & Men of the Black Business Focus Group who are working hard to build strong businesses for themselves, their customers and the entire community. Each week we pause to highlight BOB Accomplishments, big and small, in an effort to keep us all “gassed up” as we collectively pursue the American Dream. Here's a look at some of our many business members and their latest endeavors.


Congratulations are in order for LaTonia Chapel, Chapel Agency with Farmer's ! She was recently named D68 Agent Of The Month for April 2021!! This is quite an accomplishment and we are BBFG proud! Do you need Auto, home, flood, Business or life insurance? She's got you covered! Call her at 979-826-3026 or email your current declaration page to Let's help LaTonia earn Agent Of The Month for the month of May as well!

American Watch Brand NCMPRBL led by Mario C. McCoy is now showcasing their watches on 33 channels with Comcast in the Greater Houston area and they just secured a Black-Owned Business Accelerator deal with Amazon. "We got history to chase but thankful for every opportunity to advance." says McCoy. Let's all make sure to own at least one NCMPRBL brand timepiece!

Your Travel Concierge, Leslie Richardson says "People are booking travel again - big time. My busy season is in full swing. I have had several clients book trips this week traveling as early as next month and as late as September 2023. Booked a destination wedding to Jamaica, 3 Disney cruises , Miami, multiple packages to Mexico, and I'm currently working on a packages to Hawaii, Greece, and South Africa package that will likely close next week. Thankful and grateful!"

Want to get away? Call Leslie Richardson, ECC, CTA 713-491-4989 to book your next trip to your desired destination!

Safe travels!

Juggle Learning's products are now being sold at Homecoming Coffee & BOOKS in Birmingham, AL! Juggle Learning, LLC led by Markesha Wattree designs and creates unique, hands-on, skill-based educational games for children. The debut games focus on phonics and building solid early reading skills in a way that is engaging to young learners.

Markesha combined her childhood and professional experiences to thoughtfully develop products for Juggle, taking into account that children learn more when they are having fun. Children also need less screen time and more hands-on lessons. Connecting with family through learning and play also helps them to form trusting, secure relationships with others. Juggle Learning’s products are designed to address all these key areas.

Markesha is a certified ESL teacher with a Master of Science degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design. She has over 15 years of experience in education and enjoys creating experiences and products that make learning fun for even the most resistant learner.

"I am so thankful for this opportunity!" Wattree says. We are extra proud of all your hard work and effort paying off!

Tony Woods’ Grandmother, Margaret “Morgie” Woods, would sit on the front porch with Tony in Swann, Texas (a little town outside of Tyler, Texas). They would be shelling purple hull peas and getting ready to prepare Sunday dinner which always included her tasty fried chicken. She taught her grandson, Tony, how to prepare the unique blend of spices and herbs for the chicken along with many other recipes. Tony is carrying his family traditions further and bringing unique southern fried chicken seasoning to everyone with his brand Fowl Language!


Special BBFG Shout Out

The BBFG also wants to recognize the following BOBs for their recent accomplishments:

  • Clark Coleman, son of C'na Coleman- launched his bottled lemonade business in February 2020, Clark's Best Lemonade at the Missouri City Farmers Market. Last week was their busiest week since launching and they just landed another business that would like to sell their product. Let's all support this brand! #ClarksBestLemonade

  • Tony Alexander - Recently selected as a Top 50 Business Coach of The Year! Keep grinding Fam!

Continued success to all the BBFG Members and their businesses. Until next week be sure to support BOBs where you can and most importantly's our time!

Have a safe & happy weekend!

Phillip & The BBFG FAM

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