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BBFG Recent Accomplishments Week Ending August 28th, 2021

Shout out to the Women & Men of the Black Business Focus Group who are working hard to build strong businesses for themselves, their customers and the entire community. Each week we pause to highlight BOB Accomplishments, big and small, in an effort to keep us all “gassed up” as we collectively pursue the American Dream. I hope you all were able to commemorate National Black Business Month by experiencing Black Owned Businesses! Here's a look at some of our many business members and their latest endeavors.

Check out this week's "Gas Me Up!" post and see how our members our winning and helping others to win!

Celebrate A Black Owned Business!

Celebrate A BOB! is a new weekly ritual within the BBFG where we're all invited to share an experience we had a with a Black Owned Business (BOB) this week. Please feel free to share as much or as little as you'd like. We need wins in our community. Help the BBFG lead the way.

I look forward to this post each week as a chance to reflect and connect. I thought it would be fun to carry on the tradition with you here! Take a look at what Kesha W and Chestin AC had to say about their experiences.

Voices Of The BBFG - The Bi-Racial Experience

Mental Health is incredibly important in our community. In this edition of Voices Of The BBFG Host and Resident Mental Health Advocate Stephanie Lyons and Co-Host Phillip W. Dunn convened the resident panel of experts Katrina Landry, V Sabastan Moore and Andrew Landry to tackle "The Bi-Racial Experience. Special Guests were Courtney Preston and Larry Freeney who should their respective experiences growing up and while Bi-Racial. Have a listen and leave your comments along with the video.

Mental Health Advocacy

Check out this recent blog post by BBFG Resident Mental Health Advocate Stephanie Lyons! Share your thoughts in the article!

Special BBFG Shout Out

The BBFG also wants to recognize the following BOBs for their recent appearances on Friday's With Phil at USBC:

Be sure to encourage your favorite Black Owned Businesses to join a local Black Chamber or join US Black Chambers, Inc. Continued success to all the BBFG Members and their businesses. Until next week be sure to support BOBs where you can and most importantly's our time!

Have a safe & happy weekend!

Phillip & The BBFG FAM

* link to be published Sept 3rd

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