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Empowering Economic Steps: How to Support Black-Owned Businesses 5 Times a Month

Embark on a transformative journey with the Black Business Focus Group ( and its visionary Founder, Phillip W. Dunn. Like many of you who are health conscious, I strive to get 10,000 steps a day to help keep myself fit. I invite you to shift your focus from achieving 10,000 steps a day to include an equally impactful goal — buying products and services from Black-Owned Businesses at least 5 times a month. Let's explore practical steps for conscious consumer spending.

The Essence of Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

Just as physical movement is vital for overall health, supporting Black-Owned Businesses is crucial for economic well-being. The Black Business Focus Group encourages a shift in consumer habits to empower Black entrepreneurs, foster community growth, and address historical economic imbalances.

Begin Your Economic Journey

Begin with small, intentional steps to incorporate Black-owned products and services into your daily life:

1. Explore Local Businesses: Take a 15-minute walk to discover Black-Owned Businesses in your neighborhood.

2. Join Community Initiatives: Become part of a local business club or support group to connect with fellow conscious consumers.

3. Prioritize In-Person Interaction: Instead of virtual communication, take the stairs to visit nearby businesses and engage in face-to-face conversations.

4. Make Every Purchase Count: Incorporate Black-owned products into your daily routines, such as buying from Black-owned brands during your favorite shows.

5. Support Diverse Ventures: Borrow a friend's dog and make it a habit to visit Black-Owned Pet Services or shops.

Setting Realistic Economic Goals

Just as setting realistic walking goals is essential, start with achievable steps to support Black-Owned Businesses:

1. Begin with 3-5 Purchases a Month: Gradually increase your commitment to support Black-owned ventures.

2. Use Transaction Trackers: Similar to fitness trackers, use tools like The BBFG Transaction Log to monitor your spending and set a baseline for your economic activity.

3. Consistency is Key: Regularly incorporate Black-Owned Businesses into your routine to form sustainable spending habits.

4. Diversify Your Choices: Plans visits to different Black-Owned Businesses, explore new products, and contribute to diverse economic growth. Even if you don't buy anything! Just go for the experience.

Understanding Economic Impact

While tracking steps might measure physical activity, understand the economic impact of your purchases:

1. Quantifying Economic Engagement: Just as 10,000 steps is a goal for physical activity, aim to make at least 5 purchases a month to actively contribute to economic empowerment. That could easily be 60 or more transactions each year.

2. Equivalent Economic Benefits: Recognize that each purchase supports local businesses and contributes to the economic health of the community.

6-Week Economic Empowerment Challenge

Ready for a positive change? Dive into a six-week challenge to gradually increase your economic engagement:

1. Week 1-2: Start with 3 Black-Owned purchases a week. Explore local businesses and enjoy a variety of products. For some, you can count that trip to the Barber Shop, Beauty Salon or even the Black Owned Product at your local grocer.

2. Week 3-4: Increase to 4 purchases a week. Introduce new items and services into your routine.

3. Week 5-6: Reach the goal of 5 purchases a week. Celebrate your achievement and the journey to a more economically empowered lifestyle.

Economic Engagement Disclaimer: Before making significant changes to your spending habits, consider how much you are spending outside of your community. Then research the wealth gap and think about how your spending might be contributing to the wealth disparities between our community and others. Pay attention to your budget and financial goals, ensuring that your economic engagement aligns with your overall financial well-being and the well-being of our community.

Join the Movement: Economic Empowerment through Black-Owned Businesses

Shift your focus from physical steps to economic steps. Join the Black Business Focus Group and Founder Phillip W. Dunn in actively contributing to the economic empowerment of Black-Owned Businesses. Every purchase is a step toward a more vibrant, inclusive, and economically empowered community.

It's our time!


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