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Highlighting Black-owned businesses contributing to social change

By: Phillip W. Dunn, Founder of Black Business Focus Group

Hey BBFG Fam and fellow advocates of Black entrepreneurship and economic empowerment!

As we delve into our Black History Month celebration at the Black Business Focus Group, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of Black-owned businesses that are driving social change and community advancement.

Embracing the Legacy

At the Black Business Focus Group, we understand the profound impact that historical injustices such as slavery, Jim Crow laws, and discriminatory government policies have had on Black Americans. We recognize the urgent need to address the lingering effects of these systemic barriers and are committed to fostering economic resilience and social equity within our community.

Building a Platform for Progress

A number of Black entrepreneurs have stepped up to tackle the problem of wealth inequality through Group Economics. Folks like Dr. Claud Anderson and Maggie Anderson helped to shine a light on the need for the Black American community take initiative in changing our collective economic condition. The Black Business Focus Group was developed to be a driving force in our community's transformation. One of the cornerstone initiatives of the Black Business Focus Group is our online community, dedicated to supporting, exploring, and experiencing Black-owned businesses. Through this platform, we aim to amplify the voices of Black entrepreneurs, provide resources for business growth, and facilitate connections that drive economic empowerment.

Solving a Market Problem, Seizing a Market Opportunity

Black Business Focus Group seeks to solve both a market problem and take advantage of a market opportunity. Historically, Black-owned businesses have faced disproportionate challenges in accessing resources, funding, and support. This results if very little cashflow needed to generate and sustain wealth. By providing a centralized platform and community network, we aim to address these barriers and create opportunities for Black entrepreneurs to thrive and subsequently stimulate the opportunities for wealth.

Repairing the Past, Empowering the Future

We believe that economic empowerment is intrinsically linked to social change. By empowering Black-owned businesses and creating opportunities for prosperity, we can begin to repair the social and economic harm caused by centuries of oppression. Through initiatives like ours, we strive to dismantle systemic barriers, uplift marginalized voices, and pave the way for a more equitable future.

Join Us in Making History

As we commemorate Black History Month, let us celebrate the resilience, creativity, and tenacity of Black entrepreneurs who are driving social change through their businesses. Together, let us continue to champion economic empowerment, advocate for social justice, and build a brighter future for generations to come.

To learn more about the enduring legacy of Black entrepreneurship and to join us in celebrating Black History Month, visit Black Business Focus Group today.

Remember, your support makes a difference.

Don't forget to log your transactions with Black-owned businesses at The BBFG using the following link: Log Your BOB Transactions.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and insightful discussions as we continue our journey of celebration and empowerment.

With gratitude and determination - It's our time!


Phillip W. Dunn

Founder, Black Business Focus Group

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