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Maximizing Our Impact: How The BBFG Community Allocated Our Annual Spending of $345,000 in 2023

I'm happy to project that BBFG Members will spend close to $345,000 in 2023 with Black-Owned Businesses! As of December 28th, 2023 our members have circulated $343, 482.09 throughout their respective communities. This is a strong indicator of our commitment to keeping businesses in our community in service.

If you have not recorded any transactions for 2023 there is still time to log your transactions with The BBFG!

Demonstrate your impact today! Can't find a BOB to purchase from consider purchasing our branded Community Coffee Mug and show off your efforts to build our community!

In the meantime, keep logging those transactions and let's do our part for our community!

It's our time!


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