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New Year - New Purpose By Stephanie Lyons BBFG Mental Health Advocate

Many of us, at one time or another, have asked ourselves, “What on earth am I here for?”

The crises facing the world in the last two years has created a deep desire to find

purpose in life and at the same time, it also exposed the insurmountable value of

relationships. Purpose can be hard to locate and embrace when so much loss is ever

present. Most often, we find ourselves processing emotions only to be advised to

simply “unplug”. Although this is good advice, after you unplug, you might notice that

you’re still dealing with heavy emotions.

So, with everything going on, how does one begin the search for purpose in a world of

loss? The answer lies in our purpose.

Purpose is the reason for which something exists, is done or created. Purpose serves

others, so ask yourself, what is that thing that YOU do better than anyone else with the

LEAST amount of effort? What is the thing that everyone keeps coming to you for?

What’s YOUR thing that God has entrusted you with that SERVES OTHERS.

Purpose doesn’t always bring wealth, but it will always bring provision. Provision can

come in the form of money, opportunity, and other resources. To get started, consider

the following:

  • Hang around passionate, purposeful people.

  • Connect with and start conversations with new people.

  • Donate your time or talent to a cause.

  • Consider injustices that bother you.

  • Explore your interests & discover what you love to do.

Stephanie Lyons is a Mental Health Advocate at the BBFG Community. She is also the original Co-Host of "Voices Of the BBFG" for the Black Business Focus Group.

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