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Shattering Stereotypes: Black Women Leading in Non-Traditional Industries

What up BBFG community!

As we immerse ourselves in the celebration of National Women's History Month, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of Black women who are breaking barriers and making strides in industries traditionally dominated by men. This month serves as a tribute to the resilience, innovation, and trailblazing spirit of women, particularly Black women, who defy expectations and carve out their paths to success.

National Women's History Month is a time to honor the invaluable contributions of women throughout history. For us in the Black community, it holds special significance as an opportunity to recognize the unique challenges and triumphs of Black women, who have faced systemic barriers and discrimination while striving for excellence.

Today, we celebrate Black women entrepreneurs and leaders who have fearlessly ventured into non-traditional industries and made their mark:

  1. Fawn Weaver, Uncle Nearest: Fawn's leadership in the spirits industry with Uncle Nearest honors the legacy of Nathan "Nearest" Green, a formerly enslaved man who taught Jack Daniel how to distill whiskey. Her dedication to preserving history and promoting diversity in the industry is truly inspiring.

  2. Deryl McKissack, McKissack & McKissack: Deryl's leadership in the construction industry as CEO of McKissack & McKissack, one of the oldest Black-owned construction firms in the United States, exemplifies resilience and excellence in a male-dominated field.

  3. Mellody Hobson, Ariel Investments: Mellody's trailblazing leadership as Co-CEO and President of Ariel Investments challenges the status quo in the finance industry. She is a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion, paving the way for future generations of Black women in finance.

These remarkable women have shattered stereotypes and overcome obstacles to excel in industries where there are few leaders who look like them. Their stories serve as powerful reminders of the limitless potential and unwavering determination of Black women entrepreneurs and leaders.

We encourage our community to log their transactions with The BBFG app and to continue supporting Black women-owned businesses. Together, let's celebrate the contributions, accomplishments, opportunities, and challenges of Black women in business and leadership.

Join us as we continue to celebrate Black excellence, Black fitness and empower the next generation of Black entrepreneurs. Be sure to log your transactions with Black-Owned Businesses at least once weekly!

With gratitude and admiration,

Phillip W. Dunn

Founder, The BBFG


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