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Black Community Builder!

Track the dollars you spend with the Black Owned Businesses you love and build community!

Logging and Tracking the dollars you spend with Black Owned Businesses is an effective way for the Black Community and our Allies to circulate more dollars within our community.


It also sets a foundation for experiencing more of what Black Owned Business have to offer.  You'll be surprised how easy and fun practicing Group Economics can be!


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Building Economic Equity With Ease!

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We focus on Consumers who are seeking value from Black Owned Businesses and our Allies. Premium users receive discounts on BBFG Merchandise!

Log & Track

Our Community has logged over $2 Million with Black Owned Businesses.

Hold yourself accountable for building Black Owned Businesses by logging and tracking the dollars you spend with them.

Community Support

Become part of a community that seeks to change the status quo. We receive more than 200 requests for products, services, information and resources from Black-Owned Businesses. The community helps to fill those requests.

A Balanced Approach To Building Community



Our BBFG Members are committed to changing our community by circulating more dollars with Black Owned Business in their communities and beyond! You can too!

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Joining The BBFG is one of many steps you can take to help close the wealth gap and transform our community and our economy.

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