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Diddy, The Kicker & The Teflon Don

"As men, we set the tone for our culture." Harrison Butker, speaking at a Commencement Address in May 2024.

In the last few weeks we've seen a former President on trial for allegedly paying hush money to a woman with whom he had an affair while his wife was carrying their unborn child who recently graduated. Prior to that we've watched as he disparaged women from all walks of life. We've heard him describe how you can just walk up and grab women by their private parts and according to him - "they let you do it." We watched him literally stalk and trail his debate opponent on stage and even mock a news reporters menstrual cycle.

In the same timeframe, at a commencement speech a professional football player suggested that women are to be valued for their decisions to be homemakers, wives and birthing babies and less for their contributions to the workplace. He indicated that women's lives don't truly begin until they become wives and mothers. Somehow women are only meant to support men in pursuing our careers.

Finally, this past Friday we saw surveillance video of a music industry mogul in nothing but a bath towel chase down his former girlfriend as she was trying to escape him. He caught up to her, punched her, threw her to the floor, kicked her and then attempted to drag her back to the room they were in. He didn't appear to be concerned with the possibility of onlookers or witnesses. This horrible incident took place in 2016. The women who was victimized made claim about the incident. The music industry mogul denied the claim but settled with the women after a lawsuit was filed. Some influential people doubted her claim. Friday's video corroborated her claim and a settlement was reached.

All of the above is 100% based in fact. In the backdrop of America today there is a ongoing battle to control women's bodies and what they themselves can do with their bodies.

Now with all that said I will ask - what will it take to believe women? What will it take to believe women when they allege rape, abuse, sexism, gender discrimination, racism, etc.?

Do they need surveillance video of an attack that they are desperately hoping to never re-live, do they need forgotten b-roll footage of a man describing how he actually assaults women, do they need a commencement speech describing what a woman's place is from a "man's man"?

What will it take?

I'll end with where I began - "As men, we set the tone for our culture."

Is this the culture we want our sons and daughters to grow up and develop in?

It's our time!



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