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Empowering Communities: The Role of The BBFG

As we delve further into our Black History Month celebration at the Black Business Focus Group, we shine a light on the profound impact of The BBFG App on community development. Led by the vision of Phillip W. Dunn, Founder of The BBFG, our journey continues to explore the rich history, challenges, and triumphs of Black entrepreneurship.

At The BBFG, our mission is clear: to elevate and empower Black entrepreneurs, driving increased consumer spend with Black-owned businesses and fostering entrepreneurship within the Black community. In line with the United Nations' definition of Community Development, we recognize the power of collective action in generating solutions to common problems. The BBFG App serves as a catalyst for this process, providing a platform for community members to come together, channel resources, concentrate their efforts and drive positive change.

Entrepreneurship stands as a pillar of economic empowerment for the Black community. However, systemic barriers such as limited access to capital and underrepresentation in business education persist. Through increased support of Black-owned businesses, we can create pathways for community development, boost economic growth, and address social issues.

Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups with the skills they need to effect change within their communities. By championing Black entrepreneurship, we pave the way for increased educational opportunities, job creation, and investment. Together, we can drive growth not only for Black-owned businesses but for the entire nation.

Join us in celebrating Black excellence and empowering the next generation of Black entrepreneurs.

Remember to log your transactions with Black-owned businesses at Black Business Focus Group and be part of the movement towards economic empowerment. Visit us at

Together, let's build a future where Black entrepreneurship flourishes and the resilience of Black entrepreneurs continues to inspire generations to come.

Join us as we continue to celebrate Black excellence and empower the next generation of Black entrepreneurs. Be sure to log your transactions with Black-Owned Businesses at least once weekly!

It's our time!


Visit us at for more information and to join our community of Black business and community excellence.

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